Kepa has developed a comprehensive Training and Develpment Framework. Training and support includes:

  • Facilitated workshops to help advisers meet competency requirements (NZCFS Level 5) for L&H, Residential Property Lending and Investments
  • Lead Adviser Training programme
  • Comprehensive Adviser Induction programme.
  • Access to a learning management system to plan, receive training and record training activities.
  • Continuous professional development in both technical and soft skills.

Kepa has supported 100 advisers during 2019 to attain their New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5). Adviser training and support is provided by Kepa for our financial advisers, their staff and advisers entering the financial services market.

Kepa has partnered with Strategi to provide the qualification material, training and assessment process.

Kepa will also be offering skills training in addition to the compulsory qualification standards in the following areas:

Sales training

Customer focused sales behaviours training that will ensure that value producing partnerships are developed in the long-term. The training is aimed at

  • New adviser attraction and retention in our markets
  • Existing adviser upskilling in areas they need to improve
  • Coaching that develops and fosters good customer outcomes

Leadership and coaching

With the change in focus from individual registration to company level licensing, the role of the financial adviser in becoming a business owner changes the needs around training and coaching of staff – to ensure good compliance outcomes. Their training is often left behind.

With this Kepa intends on equipping leaders in empowering people and overcoming their own limitations and discover what they need to do to foster successful businesses and great leadership.

Customer Service

Training for your staff and support that will align attitudes, beliefs and values around the importance of your customers at the heart of everything that you do.