Kepa members have two options for accessing assistance through Kepa during the new regime.

  • Option one is to become an authorised body Financial Advice Provider "FAP" under Kepa’s licence and receive the full list of oversight and assistance as listed below.
  • Option two is to obtain your own licence and access Kepa’s "Adviser Resource Centre" which will offer a range of services such as those listed below.
Comprehensive Compliance FrameworkAdvice Audits
Centralised Complaints HandlingCompliance Checks
Professional Financial ManagementTraining (NZCFS Level 5)
Access to Group Wide PICPD
HR ServicesSkills Training
Advice AuditsLead Adviser Programme
Compliance ChecksTemplates & Tools
Training (NZCFS Level 5)Sales & Marketing
CPDTechnology Options
Skills TrainingHR Services
Lead Adviser ProgrammeConferences
Templates & Tools
Sales & Marketing
Technology Options
Engages Legal & Compliance Specialists
Economies of Scale
Experienced Governance
Established & Trusted Brand
Capable Professionals