Jeff Page is the CEO of Kepa, the largest full-service adviser Dealer Group in the Financial Services industry in New Zealand. Jeff has been CEO of Kepa since it was formed by the merger of his original group, TNP and Ginger group in July 2014. Prior to that he was he was head of Distribution for Tower where he took a company that was on the verge of closing down and turned it around to be a real success both in the Tower group and the New Zealand Insurance Industry.

He owns a couple of Harleys and is the Director of the Auckland Harley Owners Group or HOG as it’s more commonly known.

Every year with his wife Barb, they organise trips to the USA where Jeff shaves his head, dons a bandana and they rent Harleys along with 25 other people and generally spend 3 weeks dressed in leather cruising around the country enjoying themselves. They’ve been doing so for around 6 years. Jeff rides lead the group on his Harley and Barb follows in her support truck with the gear.

He’s also competed successfully in the NZ Classic Car racing Series, winning the championship in 2004 in his 1965 Mark 1 Ford Cortina. Remember those?

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