Kepa is a professional Adviser group with proven support and infrastructure to help Advisers build a better and more profitable business.

We know that success of a business can come down to having the right people in the right role.  Here at Kepa we offer you the opportunity to access these people who will help you build a more successful business,.  We’re all about helping you become a successful Adviser.

  • Business Development Program

  • Adviser Brand Support

  • Business Tools

  • Compliance Support

  • Referral Tools

We are advocates for our Advisers in the marketplace and have spent years working alongside Regulators promoting the real value that our Advisers add to the community. We work closely with you to ensure you are equipped with systems, tools and processes you need to build your business efficiently while meeting with industry standards and compliance.

Kepa Mortgage Development Days

All Mortgage Advisers at Kepa are expected to adhere to a minimum level of competency. In the current market conditions, there are many changes to keep abreast of and it can be difficult with all the “noise” out there.

At Kepa, we make it easy for Advisers to stay relevant by providing current and educational workshops every quarter. We gather feedback from members and liaise with Lenders to provide training that Advisers will really benefit from. Our Mortgage training are full-day workshops with a combination of the lender, policy, marketing, compliance and business development sessions.

Head along to our events section to find out when the next workshop is happening!

Kepa Referral Tool

Are you a busy Mortgage Adviser looking to grow your income by way of Insurance referrals? Would you like to increase the number of mortgage referrals you receive? Would you like to ring-fence your clients?

Kepa has built a referral tool specifically designed for capturing and tracking Insurance leads amongst the Kepa Group. The main reason why referrals don’t work is often due to a lack of communication between the two parties. The Kepa referral tool creates a medium whereby the status of a lead can be tracked anytime keeping both parties accountable.

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Whether you’re a seasoned Adviser on your own, or in a group, or are you looking for an exciting career in financial services, we want to hear from you.

Make sure you connect with one of our experienced team to find out about the incredible value our members enjoy and what you need to help your business.

If you are new and looking for a career change, then Kepa is definitely the Adviser group you want to belong to, especially with our business development program designed to help new Advisers get started.  You will receive all the support you need to become a successful Adviser.

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Members Feedback

Lance Parker-WadhamKepa has provided expert advice and help in building and tracking Strategic and Operational goals for our business meaning we are not only running things day to day but also have a real eye on the future and how what we are doing now will get us to where we want to go.

Kepa has taken real time to learn about our business and worked hard on delivering the value we want from a group.  Jeff Page has a strong knowledge of the inner workings of our business and has helped us to shape strategic and operational goals that keep us very excited about the future.

The bespoke offering to adviser businesses.  Working with key people at Kepa has really helped grow our business

Lance Parker-WadhamLance Parker-Wadham, Parka Insurances