I am delighted to announce Rupert Gough has been appointed Head of Kepa Home Loans. 

Rupert joins us amid increasing inquiry for Kepa Home Loans’ services. His appointment also comes amid a growing recognition that Kepa’s broad access to the country’s mortgage providers and its suite of support services are helping advisors across the country to reduce costs and grow their businesses.   
We are confident Rupert will make the most of this opportunity and drive the development of Kepa Home Loans for the benefit of the advisers who use our services and their customers.
Rupert is a strong leader with a record of success. He is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mortgage Lab, a company in which Kepa holds a 25% stake and he brings to Kepa Home Loans nearly ten years in the property and finance industry, including nearly seven years as a mortgage adviser.   
Indeed, in recognition of his capabilities and the strength of Mortgage Lab, Kepa late last year selected Mortgage Lab as the inaugural participant in its partnership programme in which Kepa invests in outstanding financial advisory businesses.   
Under his leadership Mortgage Lab has been setting standards of practice for the industry. We believe advisers who are already members of the Kepa network, as well as those considering joining us, will benefit from Rupert’s advice and support.   
He is also a strong advocate for our services, including Kepa Home Loans’ access to a comprehensive range of mortgages, our technology, which streamlines administration and client management, and our suite of training and mentoring solutions.   
I know he is keen to get on the road to tell you the Kepa Home Loans story. In particular, I know he is keen to demonstrate the functionality of our customer relationship management (CRM) system, Trail, which is on offer to all Kepa Home Loans-affiliated mortgage and insurance advisers.   
Trail is a market-leading end-to-end system that enables an adviser to stay in the same system from the first phone call until settlement with the bank, which offers huge financial savings for the adviser.          
With paper-based or older CRM systems, an adviser needs administration support after securing only a few clients. With our system, an adviser can easily handle a lot of applications and still not need admin support. It removes a huge cost from the adviser with no loss of service quality.    
The solution also meets the banks growing demand for digital communications and documentation. Indeed, ANZ is now only accepting digital applications and other banks are following suit.   
The banks know that if they receive an application from a Kepa Home Loans-affiliated mortgage adviser, it is going to be tidy and clearly laid out and we believe this will act as an incentive for banks to prioritise our advisers’ applications.   
Kepa will now have two offers to its members, one is unbranded, (and the adviser can use their own brand) under Kepa Home Loans and another, branded, under the Mortgage Lab banner. Both versions will be supported by the Trail system.   
I hope you will join me in welcoming Rupert into his new role. Please do not hesitate to contact him or me at any time.   
Thanks for your continuing support of Kepa.   
Yours faithfully,  
Jeff Page                                                                              Rupert Gough
Chief Executive                                                                     Head of Kepa Home Loans
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