“MDRT had always been a  goal of mine to achieve since I joined the industry, as I had heard such positive things from people I knew who had been to it, but I thought it was out of reach for me.”

When I joined the Kepa Aspire program, we learnt from real advisers what they do in their businesses to achieve great results and the learnings, and friends they have made from all over the world through heading off to a MDRT meeting, as well as the benefits they receive being a member of Aspire and MDRT.

I was able to head off to my first Annual meeting in 2014 in Toronto, and was amazed at the size, the speakers, and the learnings that I was able to take away from the meeting, and bring back into my business.

MDRT has given our business a real focus, and clarity about the future, and it has greatly affected the dealings I have with my colleagues, family and friends, and my clients.

Kepa Aspire is always booked in my diary, and it is a great place to come to catch up with friends, and learn from others some practical lessons to bring back into my business, and to share ideas with the other members of Aspire.

I would recommend the Aspire program to any adviser who is looking to better themselves as well as take practical ideas back into their businesses, it’s a great way to add some value and if you are looking to step up and achieve some great results you should join up.